Client : 

Summit Integrated Systems


Summit provides full service audio, video, and lighting focused on delivering the most engaging and impactful experiences. As they grew and better understood their unique values and culture, they eventually realized their website didn't reflect this culture they built. The site lacked both their hyper-focus on design and their passion for people.

Sample pages from Summit's old website:

This brand discrepancy was not only a major concern for Summit's leadership team, but it was also apparent they were falling behind their competition and hurting business.



I quickly realized that in order to accurately represent the brand and tell their story, it was important to understand their culture first. I initially spent time visiting their headquarters, facilitating discovery workshops, and conducting interviews the leadership team. All of this research helped to immerse myself in their day-to-day life and better understand their values. 

This deep-dive into their company culture also revealed their business goals and the overall direction of the website.

Visual Comps: