Client : 

Hord Coplan Macht


The award-winning architecture firm, Hord Coplan Macht, is driven by an integrated approach focused on innovation, client relationships, and technical precision. In this competitive industry, business development is a top priority for architects in order to get the right client and not just any client.

The mission was to re-design all six of their current printed portfolio books into flexible, interactive, digital publications.


Working closely with the HCM team was critical to making this transition from analog to digital tools successful. In this case it wasn't only important to just translate the printed material, but also improve the overall experience of the product. Through deep-dives and user interviews, we identified areas of improvement that were developed into specific product features such as 3-dimensional models, client testimonials videos, and full screen imagery.

Low-Fidelity Wireframes:


Through user testing and feedback sessions, I recognized the need for product flexibility as this was a tool that would be used in many different contexts including one-on-one conversations, projected onto screens for group presentations, and as marketing material leave-behinds for potential clients.

Visual Comps:


What resulted was a digital publication specifically designed around the iPad that not only enhanced the overall user experience, but reduced costs, added features, and improved ease of use.

High-Fidelity Prototype: