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Charter Communications



The DVR feature is one of the main revenue drivers and retention strategies for the video products. And in this case, our two main objectives were to reduce error rates and improve the quality of the experience.



One of the most important steps in this process was to really understand the problems space from a business, technical, and design level before jumping into solutions. By gaining an understanding of what the user goes through, I was able to build and refine solutions based on real-world data and activity. And in this case, by focusing on the experience we were also able to reduce errors.

Research the Problem.

Starting with personas helped define the diversity of activities and tasks before jumping into the analytics and usability testing of exiting products.

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Getting Buy-In.

Here are some of the activities we performed while working together with Product and Development teams. One of the activities we did was a card sort to get an idea of customer's expected hierarchy of content.


Validating the Solution.

At this point, we created a number of different iterations to test. I partnered with our Research team to define analytics requirements and success metrics for our Production team.


Low-Fidelity Wires

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High-Fidelity Wires